Did you know that AuditLink has one of the most robust tools to monitor anomalous member transaction activity across all member activity channels?  Despite the power and flexibility of this robust tool, Abnormal Activity Monitoring remains one of the most underutilized tools on the system.  To date, we have yet to see it included in credit union BSA or other risk assessments.  Configuring and training for this powerful feature has long been available as a “Just Turn It On” offering.  But until now, it came with a $500 price tag.

It’s Christmas in February!  Starting this month, AuditLink will configure Abnormal Activity Monitoring, teach your teams how to use it, and blend it into your monthly audit plan… all for FREE, if you sign up before April 30, 2019.

Why are we making this unprecedented offer?  First, this feature uncovers suspicious activity so your teams can keep informed and take action.  Second, there is growing regulatory pressure for credit unions to evaluate ongoing activity across multiple channels.  Finally, we want to develop a community of practitioners that actually uses the tool, so that we can continue to evolve it.

But wait, there’s more!  Stay tuned for details as AuditLink begins a beta project with some of our existing daily log management clients, where we will not only configure and fine-tune the dashboard, but also handle the daily monitoring to uncover suspicious activity occurring among your members.

Get started for FREE today!  Check out the AuditLink Store for more information regarding the Abnormal Activity Monitoring tool and to take advantage of this limited time offer!