It’s smarter, it’s quicker… it’s RDC IQ, and it’s the near-real-time Posting Service Solution that you’ve been waiting for!

Do you currently use eDOC as your RDC (remote deposit capture) back-end processing vendor?  Then let us help you take your RDC program to the next level!  When a member posts a check via remote deposit capture, RDC IQ will have the money transferred to their account as quickly as possible.  Additional benefits include:

  • An improved member experience.  Members no longer have to wait for a posting file to process; each transaction is handled as it occurs.
  • RDC IQ allows you to easily offer RDC service seven days a week.
  • Settlement is easy – you can match the convenient new dashboard to your settlement file creation time.
  • Credit unions who move to RDC IQ may save an average of $1,000 in RDC posting costs per year.

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