Randy Karnes

Randy Karnes

CEO - CU*Answers


Since 1994, Mr. Karnes has been CEO of CU*Answers, a credit union-owned CUSO that provides core processing, consulting, management, and technology services. An active participant in the credit union industry since 1985, Mr. Karnes currently serves on the Boards of Xtend and eDOC Innovations and formerly served on the Board of Callahan and Associates for many years.

Mr. Karnes is an active speaker and facilitator for credit union Board planning sessions and industry events across the country, and regularly participates in industry commentary in forums such as creditunions.com. Mr. Karnes has an infectious vision and drive for bringing credit unions together to explore the power of collaboration in entirely new ways. His enthusiasm for imagining and building new credit union business models has been helping to change the way many credit unions will approach serving members now and in the future.

CU*Answers is an energetic CUSO providing the foundation for an extensive network of credit union-owned businesses. CU*Answers directly serves over 175 credit unions and 1.9 million members daily through its core operations and services. As the catalyst and driving force behind cuasterisk.com, a network alliance of credit union vested CUSOs, CU*Answers daily reaches out to over 600 credit unions and 6 million members.

Although the foundation is a technical network based on the CU*BASE® core processing suite, CU*Answers goes far beyond a data processing solution. From the front lines of credit union lobbies all the way to the desktops of credit union members at work and at home, CU*Answers partners with credit unions to make sure that members receive the services they need and the returns they deserve. With over 125 credit union owners, CU*Answers is more than a vendor; they are a credit union partner.


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