Young Adults without a Checking Account

The ages of 18 – 21 are a keystone period for young adults and their finances, but this group of them are not using a checking account with you! Use this analysis to get a look at what kinds of products and services they are engaging with, transaction trends, a demographic profile, and recommendations for action if other opportunities are identified for this group.

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There’s clear opportunity if a young member does not have a checking account yet since adding one to their membership typically also leads to utilization of other tools and services. The long-term goal is of course increased retention and revenue for your credit union, but what else do you know about this section of your membership? Where do they branch? What types of accounts do they already have? How do they stack up against an average member overall? This analysis provides insights to dig into each of these questions and more, including other areas of opportunity in this high-potential group.

What You will Receive

Once your analysis is complete, you will receive a personalized data briefing discussing our analytical findings, as well as a project summary report for your future reference. You will also receive the name and location of all CU*BASE database files which include the exact memberships which were evaluated. Your project summary will include a list of criteria evaluated, a demographic profile, evaluation of current relationships, and suggestions for engagement opportunities, risks, and marketing strategies.

Data Briefings can be a one-time engagement, or a scheduled recurring briefing at the frequency of your choosing.

How to Use this Analysis

Share these findings with your board, or staff to set a baseline of knowledge on the current profile on these members. Or, to compare against a previous analysis. If you find there’s a need to review any section in more detail, reach out our team.

If you plan to run marketing campaigns, use our analysis to direct planning and implementation based upon the trends identified and recommendations from our team. We will provide you with CU*BASE files of the memberships that were included in the analysis. These files will be compatible with existing CU*BASE tools for communications. Ask us about our partnership with Xtend who can assist with campaign execution. You could choose to download the files for further internal analysis or use with other marketing tools.


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