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If you are sending documents to Virtual StrongBoxes for your members, but members don’t seem to be accessing them, then this service could be just what’s in order. With this service, members will be sent an email noting they have a document in their StrongBox each time one is loaded. In the case where the member has never enabled their StrongBox, they will get additional emails reminding them to activate their account. The results will be increased adoption and fewer paper receipts on the teller line. If you are using the Standard or Premium version of virtual StrongBox, this product is for you. Best of all, it’s FREE!


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When you order this service, CMS Sales will coordinate getting you the necessary agreements and engaged for implementation with the Virtual StrongBox Team. This typically takes a couple of weeks to get started, and implementation usually is complete within 30 days. If you’re unsure or have questions, indicate that as well and someone from Virtual StrongBox will be in contact to consult with you. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to complete an API agreement that allows Virtual StrongBox to access your member’s email addresses inside of CU*BASE. You’ll then work with the Virtual StrongBox team to review your messages and confirm member info prior to launch.

If you aren’t currently utilizing Virtual StrongBox, be sure to sign up for that too here in the store. We offer both VirtualBox Standard and Virtual StrongBox Premium services.

Below are the Free messages templates that assist with driving member adoption and help to eliminate paper receipts.

Transaction Message – A document was placed in the member’s StrongBox.
For those sending receipts or forms to your member’s Virtual StrongBox, the member will receive a plain text email message indicating there is a document waiting. This message encourages members to experience the benefits of the free storage options you are providing. Example message:

Sample Message

Pending Registration Message – Member has a document waiting but hasn’t enabled their StrongBox yet.
If the member has not activated their Virtual StrongBox, they will get a friendly reminder to login and experience the benefits of utilizing this valuable service.

Pending Message

*Be sure to ask Virtual StrongBox about your personal branding options for Transactional and Pending Registration member communications when you upgrade to the premium version.

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