Virtual Branch Advanced

Additional $250/month

(3 Year Commitment)

In the event of a disaster, connect your branch office, designated disaster recovery site or individual users to the Network Services Virtual Branch Private Cloud for secure access to your core applications, data and virtualized servers.

Additional information

Core Applications

  • Mobile Access to Virtual Branch over any internet connection
  • Access to CU*Base GOLD
  • Access to CU*Northwest eDoc ASP Portal
  • Ability to perform E-form ASP transactions
  • Access to Credit Union Hosted eDoc Server
  • Access to Facilities Management Hosted eDoc Server
  • Ability to print on locally attached devices
  • Ability to use locally connected

Email and Data

  • Credit Union Hosted Server Files and Data
  • Facilities Managed Server Files and Data
  • Access to CU Hosted Server Based Applications
  • Access to FM Hosted Server Based Applications
  • Access to Web Based Email
  • Credit Union Hosted Email Services
  • Facilities Managed Email Services
  • Compliance
  • Annual Test and Detailed Report


  • Annual Test and Detailed Report

Advanced Solution

  • Up to 10 concurrent virtual desktop connections
  • SSL Encrypted 2 factor user authentication
  • Multi-Site VPN access
  • Requires CNS Managed Backup Services

Virtual Branch Materials (One time cost)

  • 10 x Virtual Workstation environment running Windows 10 Professional
  • 10 x MS Office 2016 Standard
  • SSL or IPSec VPN encrypted remote access
  • CU*Base Software Suite
  • Electronic Document Software
  • Schedule 1st annual, documented recovery test

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