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Upload/Download Authority Requests

If you need to add or change the ability for a user to download or upload information to CU*Base please fill out the form with authority needed, employee name, CU*Base User ID, and the signature of the Security Officer, and upload the file below.

Upload/Download Authority



Additional information


This form is intended to allow an Employee the ability to upload/download files using CU*Base . You can review the LSECAUDIT Report in CU*Spy on the first of each month to see what authority a user has. Do you have an employee that needs to be able to export a report to Excel? By granting them the authority to all files in your credit unions QUERYxx library they will now have that ability. If the employee only needs the ability to download AIRES files or upload FinCEN files you can grant them limited access.

Schedule of Tasks

    • Form is submitted by Security Officer
    • Client Service and Education Team will request the changes to the user(s) specified
    • Security Officer will be notified the request is complete through AnswerBook

How it Works

Once the authority is granted the user will also need authority to the Tool(s) #373 File Download, #372 File upload depending on authority requested. The user can follow the instructions from the reference material below, and contact Client Services with any questions. File Transfer Guide (Downloads) AIRES FinCEN Search this service on AnswerBook


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