Top 25 ACH Depositors – Seg Analysis

A solid understanding of Seg groups within your field of membership can be of great value in identifying untapped opportunity, targeted marketing strategies, as well as member traffic or location studies. A Top 25 ACH Depositor Seg Analysis will identify and analyze the top 25 ACH depositors across your membership, and analyze the member groups participating with each depositor.

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During a Top 25 ACH Depositor Seg Analysis, our team will mine 90 days of your members’ ACH Deposit activity to identify the top 25 depositors by transaction volume. The members participating with each Depositor will be studied and analyzed, providing insight into engagement levels, product and service utilization, deposit volume, and more. Giving you the information needed to identify product and service opportunities and quantify your existing Seg relationships.

What You will Receive

Once your analysis is complete, you will receive a personalized data briefing discussing our analytical findings, as well as a project summary report for your future reference. Each of the member segments participating with the top 25 ACH Depositors will be analyzed separately providing trends and product and service engagement levels for each depositor. After the delivery of your analysis summary, you may select up to 5 Depositors in which you wish to target. CU*BASE files will be created for you which identify members participating with each of the 5 depositors selected for easy integration into your marketing strategies.

Data Briefings can be a one-time engagement, or a scheduled recurring briefing at the frequency of your choosing.

How to Use this Analysis

This analysis and the associated CU*BASE files could be used for many different projects. This information could be used in promoting a new member referral offer, direct product or service engagement campaigns, or could even be used to assist in member location studies.


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