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TLC 360 Pro

Upgrade your current version of the Online Campus by purchasing TLC 360 Pro, which includes individual logins and employee progress tracking. TLC 360 Pro is a web-browser based training platform accessible by clicking the “Links” button in CU*BASE, then selecting “CU*Answers Online University.” TLC 360 Pro provides basic training on functions in CU*BASE, as well as required BSA training for your staff.

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The TLC 360 Pro edition of CU*University expands upon the Full Campus, so not only will you have access to the same 25 CU*BASE courses, 14 soft-skills and credit union-specific courses, and 17 compliance courses, but also over 256 Business Skills Development classes. Added course categories include Director Training, Loans Administration, Clearing, Savings and Investing, and Privacy and Security. Further customizable features include the ability to edit courses to include your credit union’s specific policies, the ability to brand the campus with your credit union’s logo, a skill mapping tool to align with employee goals, and the ability to track your employee’s progress. With TLC 360 Pro, you will be able to provide proof to regulators of staff training, and individual development plans for each employee can be created.

Schedule of Tasks

Upon checking out with this product in your cart, a Client Service Representative will contact you within 1-2 business days regarding your purchase. You are not billed by CU*Answers for checking out with this product, and we will contact CU*Training on your behalf regarding your upgrade.

How it Works

TLC 360 Pro can be accessed either through a unique URL we provide your staff with or through CU*BASE, through the “Links” button, and by selecting “CU*Answers Online University.” The Online campus is accessible through a web browser.

Technical Details

Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 are all functional browsers for TLC 360 Pro. This requires JavaScript, cookies, and popup windows to be enabled.


A minimum one-year term required for this product. Further requirements are at the discretion of CU*Training Inc.

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