Business Continuity Awareness Training


Pricing Starts at $500 for in-network credit unions, relative to the size and complexity of operations and IT topology. A custom Statement of Work and proposal will be provided based on a (free) initial consultation.


Business Continuity planning should be aligned with the strategic direction and regular operations of the credit union. Additionally, the continuity and response program should be engrained in the corporate culture and an accepted part of people’s job responsibilities throughout the organization. Achieving this goal requires an ongoing Awareness and Training program that informs and prepares staff for their role in responding to unexpected disruptive events. The same certified professionals who oversee the Business Continuity Program at CU*Answers are available to you to assist in the development and implementation of your Awareness and Training program.



A credit union can invest in the best technology, write a comprehensive continuity and recovery plan, and check all of the compliance boxes, but if effective response and recovery is not a normal part of the day-to-day activities, your business disruptions will catch you by surprise, last longer than they should, and increase the level of frustration for you, your staff, and your members.

The development and maintenance of your continuity and recovery plan is the first step and should be repeated on an annual basis. The implementation of the plan is an on-going endeavor. All staff must have an awareness of their primary and backup responsibilities, and the procedures they are expected to perform, should an incident occur. Staff with specific roles and responsibilities within the plan (i.e. Incident Response Team members), require a deeper level of knowledge and training to ensure they are able to perform the tasks assigned to them when called to do so.

The certified business continuity professionals at CU*Answers have the knowledge and experience necessary and will work with your team to develop and launch an Awareness and Training program to improve the overall preparedness level and enable your team to respond promptly and effectively to the next disruptive event.

The Process

A certified CU*Answers Business Continuity professional will work with you and your team from start to finish to:

  1. Assess the current Awareness and Training program to identify any gaps in the level of preparedness.
  2. Identify the team and determine the goals and objectives of the program.
  3. As a group, develop the roadmap and schedule of activities for improving preparedness.
  4. Design and provide a kick-off presentation to educate staff on emergency and recovery procedures and introduce the plan and program.
  5. Provide recommendations and content for program educational materials.
  6. Document the plan and program in a report that can be presented to your Board of Directors and to auditors and examiners.

Next Steps

Engagements start at $500.00 and are based on the size and complexity of operations and IT topology.

An initial (free) consultation is offered to assess the needs of your existing Business Continuity Awareness and Training Program and identify an action plan to get to the target state. A custom Statement of Work and proposal will be provided for each project.


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