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Seven Day Processing

Seven-Day processing – that is, processing end-of-day and beginning-of-day seven days a week – became the default method of processing for all CU*BASE GOLD clients at CU*Northwest on February 3, 2019.

Seven-Day Processing means you have the option of allowing CU*BASE to process on your behalf on Sundays, seven days a week instead of six. Advantages of going to Sunday processing include allowing your credit union to stay current with how your members do business, collecting data every day, and processing transactions exactly when your members expect.

Seven Day Processing Opt In Form

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As the business world takes on more of a 24/7 mindset, CU*Northwest will be there to help support your credit union and serve your members!

Credit unions have asked for ways to be accessible to members 24/7, even when their branch locations are not open. CU*Northwest has listened, and we look forward to working together as a cooperative to better support the needs of our clients and members as we shape and move forward with this new initiative.

How it Works

There are no additional fees from CU*Northwest either way based on opting in or out. Normal fees related to processing, generating reports, and archiving will apply regardless if your credit union is either six-day or seven-day processing.

Technical Details

  • CU*Northwest will set your business day to the next day instead of Monday when the night cycle processing for Saturday evening occurs.
  • If you opt out, we will revert your CU to process for Monday’s date on Sunday.

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