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Plus $5 per file; Additional vendor fees may apply


Let OpsEngine post your RDC files for you! OpsEngine will post your RDC posting files up to four times per day, up to seven days a week including Holidays. OpsEngine posts files at 8:30am ET, 12:30pm ET, 4:30pm ET, and 11:30 pm ET. If there are any issues posting your transactions, OpsEngine will alert you by e-mail, and you will get a posting report on every file.

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You’ve started your RDC program. Now who is going to get the posting files and post all the transactions? That’s where OpsEngine RDC Posting Services comes in. For a reasonable per file fee, OpsEngine will pick up your files, up to four times per day, and post them to your member accounts. We will work with Digiliti, test the posting process, and then start posting for you.

Schedule of Tasks

OpsEngine will need you to complete the setup information request form below. That will allow us to begin the process of implementing this posting service. We will work with you and Digiliti to get your automated file posting service under way.

How it Works

The CU*Answers Operations Center will go out to the Digiliti RDC file server up to four times per day and retrieve your RDC posting file. We then bring the file back to your system and, using a process that mimics the Direct Mail Post utility, will post all the transactions in the file to your members’ accounts. The per file fee is the same no matter how many entries there are in the file. OpsEngine processes your files up to seven days a week, 365 days a year, so you will never miss a file.

Technical Details

Posting is based on file availability. OpsEngine recommends that you have Digiliti create your files 30 minutes in advance of the file retrieval time to allow time for the file to build and recovery if there is an issue at the vendor site. Based on this, recommended file creation times are 8:00am ET, 12:00pm ET, 4:00pm ET, and 11:00pm ET.

OpsEngine will have Digiliti send us an advisory e-mail so that we have a record that there was (or was not) a file to pick up. If OpsEngine attempts to post a transaction and are unable to (because of an invalid account number, for example), they will send an e-mail alert immediately to your RDC notification group e-mail provided in your setup request. The item will be removed from the posting file, allowing all remaining items to post, and an exception report will be placed in your DAILYxx outq so that you can review the item. This will allow you to make corrections and hand post that item if applicable.

All remaining transactions will post, and a posting report will be placed in your DAILYxx outq as a record of the RDC posting.

RDC postings vis OpsEngine RDC Posting Services may have a hold automatically placed. The hold is based on the Check Teller Hold and the CU non-business day configuration. The same hold will apply to all RDC items posted and will observe the UCC code, releasing $200 the next day. When selecting your implementation date, take into account that any holds/changes to hold days must first be disclosed to your members.

The one-time fee is for setup of the RDC Posting Services.

The per-submission price is per file and a fixed monthly fee is calculated based on your posting frequency; so if you have four files per day, five days per week, the monthly cost would be: (($5.00 per file * 2 files per day * 5 days per week) * (52 weeks per year/12 months per year)) = $217.00/month.


Files must be NACHA-format, posting-item-only files with no G/L fee entries. RDC handles account deposits but not loan payments.

You must have the OpsEngine Automation Suite powered by Help/Systems installed on your IBM-i.

You must provide the G/L number for offsets to posting amounts. OpsEngine will build the necessary direct mail posting code if you have not already done so.

OpsEngine will require a group e-mail to send notifications to in the case of an item failing or rejecting.

You will be responsible for configuring any holds applicable to your RDC items.