Secure Form – Stop Payment (ACH)



This form can be custom made for your credit union or used as-is. It can be embedded in your credit union website, mobile app or even It’s Me 247 Online Banking (desktop). Member submissions to these forms are secured in the CU Publisher Request Center. An email will be sent that a member has submitted this request. It is then your credit union’s staff’s responsibility to log in to Request Center to vet and fulfill the request per your procedures.


  • Please complete the following to request a Stop Payment on an Electronic Payment:

  • Please read the following before submitting:

    I understand by submitting this electronic Stop Payment form I am agreeing to all the conditions as mentioned below.
  • I will notify the originating company of this stop payment.
  • I understand that the amount I list above must be correct for the stop payment to take effect.
  • I agree to indemnify and hold Success CU harmless from all liability, damage, and expense incurred as a result of refusing payment of said check.
  • I understand I must notify you in writing, if, and when the stop payment ceases to exist.
  • I understand that this stop payment order expires six months from the date hereof unless I renew it in writing.
  • I understand that Success CU will not be liable for paying an item on the day the stop payment is received.
  • I agree to allow Success CU to charge my account $20.00 for this stop payment request and acknowledge receipt of a copy of this order if I so request and accept and agree to the terms thereof.