Secure Form – Associate Board Member Application



This form can be custom made for your credit union or used as-is. It can be embedded in your credit union website, mobile app or even It’s Me 247 Online Banking (desktop). Member submissions to these forms are secured in the CU Publisher Request Center. An email will be sent that a member has submitted this request. It is then your credit union’s staff’s responsibility to log in to Request Center to vet and fulfill the request per your procedures.



  • Guidelines

    An Associate Board Member (ABM) would be a non-voting member of the Board of Directors. They would participate in all discussions at the board meeting, could be appointed to sub-committees, and are subject to the Directorship Responsibility Policy.
  • Why We Need Associate Board Members

    It’s simple! It is an excellent way to bring new members to the board. They get to experience how our board functions and the responsibilities involved. At the same time, the board gets to know the ABM and evaluates whether this person would be a good fit with the board. There is no guarantee that an ABM would become a board member. When a current board member decides to step down or not be nominated for new term, we would have an ABM ready to step into the opening. There would not be a learning curve and they would be current on issues.
  • Finding Interested Members

    In order to find a member interested in becoming an Associate Board Member we will post a message on our website, Facebook, online/mobile banking and have displays in our lobby areas. Staff or board members may also refer members who are interested in serving in this capacity.
  • Application and Acceptance

    A member interested in becoming an ABM will either submit a cover letter and resume and/or a completed application (see attached) to the board. All applications are subject to approval by majority vote of the board.
  • Confidentiality

    On the appointment of the ABM, the ABM will be asked to read and sign the Confidentiality statement found in the credit union’s policies. The ABM will also be given all pertinent information on what their role will be and the time and place of the monthly board meetings.
  • Education

    Each Associate Board Member is encouraged to seek out credit union educational opportunities whenever possible. We also encourage you to review our website at, Facebook and any other related credit union documentation.
  • Dismissal

    Any breach of confidentiality or lack of attendance may be grounds for immediate dismissal of the ABM. The board of directors can also dismiss an ABM at anytime by majority vote.