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The Printed Statement Styles Configuration allows credit unions to select the statement styles they offer, which can be selected online by members, and to assign a fee to each style (with standard age/balance and Tiered Service waivers available).

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Traditionally members have selected between e-statements and paper statements with no real pricing variations to consider, other than some indirect pricing. The Member Selected Printed Statement Styles will drive the idea of statements having value by adding the ability for the member to choose a personal paper option, as well as the concept of “for pay paper statements” (with e-Statement eventually being the only free option).

Credit unions can begin by introducing the new statement designs (for example the Large Print design); from this foundation they can expand to a “for pay” paper statement program. (E-Statements design is not affected by this selection.)

Once your credit union activates Printed Statement Style selection online, members not already enrolled in e-Statements will see the new “My Printed Statements” page. Clearly marked links on this page encourage selection of a Style or enrollment in e-Statements (which may soon be your only free option). Employees can also select a Printed Statement Style for an individual member via Member Personal Banker.


Standard Horizontal Checks

Standard Vertical Checks

Large Print

Black Bars

Two Column

Boxes and Lines

Boxes and Grey Bars

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