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Is your credit union looking to capture secure data from your member via a custom online form?

Credit unions can work with CU*Answers to create custom online forms to be listed from your credit union website, mobile app, or from a banner within It’s Me 247 desktop.  Custom online forms lets a member request an appointment, request to have their credit card limit increased, report fraud, notify the credit union of travel, or even complete a custom online loan application.

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    *See below Description for details on how to give us your custom form mockup.


The credit union will provide what you would like listed within each form, including titles, subtitles, as well as fields of what you are looking to capture from this member.  Listed below are some examples of what your credit union can ask of the member.

  1. Radio Buttons – creates a list of options for the member to select from. Only one option can be selected at a time from these lists.
  2. Checkbox – creates an option for the member to select or pass. Group these together to allow members to select multiple items from a list.
  3. Drop downs – creates a drop down menu for members to select form. Allows users to select one option and hides other options from view when not in use.
  4. Forced Format Input – creates an input that must be filled in a specific way to continue.  Use for dates, money amounts, email, phone, SSN, state, or ZIP code.
  5. Attachments – lets the member upload documents to the form submission (accepted file types: .pdf, .docx, .doc, .odt, .rtf, .txt).
  6. Image Upload – lets the member upload image files to the form submissions.  Files can be added from a file selection or via drag and drop from the desktop.


How to Give Us Your Custom Form Mockup

  • Your mockup can be in whichever format would best convey your idea, whether it be a written document, spreadsheet, pdf, or even a hand drawn form that has been scanned in.
  • Consider which field types would be best suited for what you need to ask. You can use the above form types above as a reference guide.
  • Think about which fields need to be required, or ones that may not always be filled out.
  • See if you can minimize the amount of questions being asked – A shorter form is more likely to be filled out.
  • Check out our existing forms in our Sample Forms Gallery for formatting your idea or to get a visualization of how your form will turn out.


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