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Want to start the It’s Me 247 Online Banking login process on your credit union website? Direct Login Widget is the tool for you! It’s Me 247 Direct Login Widget allows your member to enter their username and password on your credit union website and then proceed to the It’s Me 247 Online Banking Community to complete the sign in process.

Using the It’s Me 247 Online Banking Community (OBC) includes many features and resources essential to your credit union, including managed content and promotions, Xtend Member Reach OBC stores, links to Online Banking Help and web browser support and mandated Security and Identity Theft training.

Note: The dark background is for illustration purposes only. The DLW has a transparent background.


Conditions and Limitations

  • The It’s Me 247 Direct Login Widget is provided on an as-is basis. the contents and layout of the IFRAME cannot be altered, rearranged, or otherwise modified in any way.
  • The “src” attribute of the snippet may only contain the URL of the iframe with associated query string parameters and replacing CUID with the numeric online banking ID of your credit union.
  • Any page/section of the website that invokes an It’s Me 247 direct login widget must be accompanied by a valid SSL Certificate and https:// must be forced. There may be additional costs above and beyond “standard” hosting charges for SSL Certificate installation and maintenance. Contact your hosting provider for more information.
    • Note: CU*Answers Web Services provides free SSL Certificates to our hosted sites.
  • The Direct Login Widget does not support mobile redirection, mobile visitors should use a hyperlink to (where “CUID” equals the numeric online banking ID of the credit union)
    • Your web developer can accomplish this change using CSS and JavaScript in your responsive web design. This is standard practice for CU*Answers Web Services clients.

Technical Details

Width: 430px
Height: 140px
Transparent background to fit nicely with your theme. Note: The dark background is for illustration purposes only. The DLW has a transparent background.

Option: turn off browser input autofocus by adding focus=off to the query string

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Example Usage

Your web developer will implement an IFRAME on your website using a code snippet similar to

<iframe src="" width="430" height="140" title="It's Me 247 Online Banking Login" style="border:none; background-color: transparent;"></iframe>

Implementation Details

On submission of your order, you will receive a link to download a zip folder containing the snippet for this specific widget, as well as a README file for correct implementation details. From there, your developer will need to make appropriate space for the widget and adhere to the conditions, limitations, and technical restrictions of the widget based on the details mentioned above.

New Activation Scheme for First Time Enrollment in “It’s Me 247” – Important!
As announced during the 2019 Leadership Conference, we have created a new optional feature your credit union can activate that will allow first-time users of It’s Me 247 online and mobile web banking to set up their credentials (“selfenroll”) without your having to publish a standard formula for the member’s initial temporary password.

Using Tool #569 Online/Mobile/Text Banking VMS Config, you can choose to offer either one or both options:

  1. Send an activation code via text message to a phone number already on file for the member, and/or
  2. Send an activation code via email to an email address already on file for the member.

The member will click a new button and choose a delivery method they prefer (text or email, depending on what your credit union allows and what data is already on file for the member). This will prompt a temporary activation code to be sent and the member must enter the code within 24 hours before proceeding through the first-time login process, including setting up a new username (required), password, and security questions, along with other first-time user steps. Using a login widget? When turning this feature on, remember to verify the way your widget presents on your web page, as members will need to visit the OBC page to enter their code.
If your website is hosted and maintained by the CU*Answers Web Services team, you can open a ticket by emailing, providing the widget you would like to use and the location on the site you need it placed. Keep in mind that some adjustments to the organization of your website may be necessary to integrate the new widget.