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RDC Posting Services – Other Vendor

Additional vendor fees may apply

You already give your members access to Remote Deposit Capture Services; but do you really want to come in on nights, weekends, and even Holidays to post your members’ RDC items? Of course not, and OpsEngine wants to help. Let us post your RDC files for you! We will work with you and your RDC vendor so that we can post your RDC files up to four times per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year!

Additional information


In the case of a new vendor, there is no process in place to retrieve and post RDC files from that file provider. We will research what will be required to start processing with that vendor. There will be a fee for the research, but if you proceed with the project, anything you spend on research will be applied toward the project itself. Allow plenty of time for the project, as research and programming will be required.

Schedule of Tasks

We will send you a research bid. When you sign off on that, we will contact your vendor and determine the scope of the project to provide RDC file pickup and posting from your vendor. When our research is complete, OpsEngine will then send you a final bid on the project. After you sign off on the bid, we will complete the project and work with your vendor to test. We will advise you of when the RDC Posting Services will be ready for activation.

How it Works

Once the project is complete, the CU*Answers Operations Center will go out to your RDC vendor’s file server up to four times per day and retrieve your RDC posting file. We then bring the file back to the system and, using a process that mimics the Direct Mail Post utility, will post all the transactions in the file to your members’ accounts. The per file fee is the same no matter how many entries there are in the file. OpsEngine processes your files seven days a week, 365 days a year, so you will never miss a file.

Technical Details

To be determined during research.


Varies based on your CU and the requirements of the vendor. Will be clarified as research is completed.


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