Query Guide: Members Receiving Unemployment


This free guide includes step-by-step instructions for a person with query skills to build a string query identifying memberships who have received unemployment deposits in a recent month. Identifying memberships receiving unemployment is the first step toward creating a strategy for tracking and assisting these situations.

Please Note: The steps included in this guide are detailed but they assume the reader already has entry-level understanding of database terminology and query navigation.

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Use this free guide to assist with the first part of your credit union’s strategy for tracking and assisting memberships which are unemployed. Included in the instructions is:

  1. A set of written instructions (PDF) which includes information on next steps once the query is complete
  2. A companion video tutorial (YouTube) demonstrating the steps to build the query.

The Asterisk Intelligence team has published this resource to assist any query-writer tasked with handling the query aspects of your efforts to identify these memberships. Don’t forget to make plans for how to track and assist:

Step 1 – Find and list the members receiving unemployment deposits (via Query)
Step 2 – Take action with the list of members – study, reach out, create data

What can be done with a list of unemployed members?

Take action – the following is a simple director of system tools or procedures you can use to execute. For detailed information on a specific tool or procedure, please consult available guides and educational material available online at help.cubase.org or contact the Client Service Team.

  • Look at what/who is in the file – Library Dashboard (Tool 1980)
  • Analyze the list of members – Common Bonds (Tool 232)
  • Send a plain-text email or online banking message – Member Connect Marketing Tools (Tool 497)
  • Add email address to the list – Append Member Email to Existing File (Tool 1640)
  • Add mailing address to the list – List Generator (Tool 447) or Query (Tool 100)
  • Add phone numbers to the list – Query (Tool 100)
  • Print mailing labels – Member Connect Marketing Tools (Tool 497) or List Generator (Tool 447)
  • Flood contact or note trackers – Member Connect Marketing Tools (Tool 497) for sales tracker type only, or Create Tracker Notes/Leads from File (Tool 312) for any tracker type
  • Flood an unemployed code/indicator to the membership – Self-Directed Data Floods (Tool 1220) which requires a membership UDM field
  • Download the list to Excel – Data Transfers (Upload or Download) (Tool 1375) special permissions apply

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