Query: A List of See-Only Relationships


Order this free query to find a list of every member See/Jump relationship that is authorized for only the ‘See’ option. Offered by the Asterisk Intelligence Team for credit unions who already offer the option for members to utilize the ‘See’ feature, and have at least one member relationship with that authorization established. The ‘See’ feature is being sunset with implementation of Mobile-First It’s Me 247.

Additional information

The Asterisk Intelligence team is offering this pre-made query to support credit unions who want to initiate communications to memberships who have only the ‘See’ option authorized.

You will receive a query that is placed in your QUERYxx library. Once the query is established in your library, it is yours to use, manage, maintain, and delete later if you wish.

This query identifies any two memberships which are connected via a ‘See’ option and do not also have the ‘Jump’ option established. Remember, relationships that have both See and Jump authorizations will maintain access to balances as well as other functions moving forward through their existing ‘Jump’ connection.

Fields included in the list produced by this query:

  • Relationship Account Base (membership who can ‘See’ balances of the other membership)
  • Account Base (membership that authorized the relationship account base to ‘See’ balances)
  • Member Name (of relationship membership)
  • Member Email (of relationship membership)
  • Member Phone Number (of relationship membership)

For a review of See/Jump features and configurations, refer to the See/Jump Controls (PDF) book

For additional information specific to the handling of ‘See’ and ‘Jump’ features with Mobile-First It’s Me 247, review the Knowledge Base – 2021 New Look for It’s Me 247