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As a cooperative, we need your input to move in the right direction. Together, every owner’s input allows CU*Answers to shape our future together. Discussion and voting within Owner’s Voice allows every owner to contribute to the process of guiding the priorities for the products and services offered at CU*Answers and our Cuasterisk.com partners.

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  1. Visit ownersvoice.cuanswers.com and click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the web page.
  2. Accept the Terms of Service.
  3. Enter a username, email address, password, and select a language and timezone.
  4. Submit and wait for your confirmation email

Discuss CU*BASE Projects

CU*BASE projects that fall into our six Owner’s Voice categories are up for discussion. Let CU*Answers know why certain projects should be started, finished, or forgotten.

Vote on CU*BASE Projects

After spending time discussing projects, let us know which ones you think should be started, finished, or forgotten. Missed this month? No worries! Voting happens every month!

Step-by-step Guide

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