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Turn on the data collection engine for your detailed Online Banking Optics data – With this data you can track, analyze, and pull member lists for any combination(s) of 120+ different buttons, actions, and features your members use within the online banking platforms. Separate pricing applies to purchase an Online Banking Optics Analysis from Asterisk Intelligence.

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A Data Warehouse is a prerequisite to activating the collection of the full Online Banking Optics data set (includes member numbers). If you order this product without a Data Warehouse, the steps to turn on Online Banking Optics data collection will be deferred until after you have worked with Asterisk Intelligence to purchase and establish a Data Warehouse.


The full data collection engine for Online Banking Optics produces a very large data set tracking 120+ different actions, and features your members use within the online banking platforms. Popular actions that are reviewed for member lists include:

  • View eSign Document Details
  • View Rate Board (Loan, Share, or Certificate – tracked individually)
  • Clicked a Customized Launch Point Link
  • Started Opening an Account (Loan, Share, or Certificate – tracked individually)
  • Deleted an eAlert (Any type – tracked individually)
  • Viewed ACH Deposits
  • Downloaded Transaction Details (includes the file format the user selected)
  • View Private Contacts Message Details
  • Uploaded a Profile Image
  • And 120 more!

Once you order this product, you’ll work with Asterisk Intelligence to determine a start-date and retention period for your data collection. On the start-date, data begins recording as soon as the “switch” is flipped and will build over time through the period of time you chose for active data collection – 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

Don’t Forget – You need a Data Warehouse storage unit in place to activate this data product. Order a Data Warehouse now.


The Optics data collection engine currently runs over the following platform:

  • Personal Banking (It’s Me 247) – all applications combined (browsers, apps, etc)

Not included (yet – coming soon!) is the following platform:

  • Business Banking (It’s My Biz 247) – all applications combined (browsers, apps, etc)

Want to Analyze the Data?

You can review and analyze from Day 1 of data collection via query. Then once you have several complete months of data collected, we recommend performing a fixed-period analysis in which you use the full set of data to perform your analysis once it has finished being recorded.

Or, hire us to perform your analysis.

Coming Soon – An advanced analysis dashboard is being developed for the Online Banking Optics data set, anticipated to launch in 2022. Available only to credit unions who have the full data set. The advanced data tools will be accessible through a new software platform called AI*ENGAGED. Contact the Asterisk Intelligence Team for further details!

Don’t Forget – Other analysis tools are available today without the full Online Banking Optics data set, and will continue to be available once you activate the full data engine. Refer to:

  • CU*BASE Tool #1100 Online Banking Optics: Lite – monthly summaries and analysis, updated every new month
  • Analytics Booth Dashboard Online Banking Optics Trends – daily measurements and trending since October 2020

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