New Loan Product

Additional costs may apply

Interested in having new loan products created to help expedite and formalize your loan application process? CU*Northwest is now offering to build new loan products for you. Check out below to notify us that you are interested. A team member will contact you to discuss the details for the new loans you want to offer. Expand your loan options today!

Additional information


CU*Northwest will build the products based on your requirements. Looking to offer a special rate for online banking applications, or remove unnecessary tabs from the application work flow, show only forms that are require? Let our team make all of the changes for you.

Schedule of Tasks

After the initial conversation for what you envision the product(s) to look like, a date will be provided for these products to be configured based on the number of products requested.


There needs to be an existing loan category for new product requests. if you have not yet created a category for this product, please refer to our New Loan Category store item.


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