MOP (Membership Opening Process)



MOP (Membership Opening Process)  includes verification using Experian Precise ID, account creation, funding from a credit or debit card, and online banking enrollment.  This member will then have their first online banking experience.

Your first credit union MAP/MOP site is free! Any additional sites are a $100 setup fee and $20 monthly maintenance.

Reminder – You will also need to order Experian Precise ID and Funding with MOP.

Download Getting Started with MOP



Once your MOP site order has been received by IRSC, we will begin the process of having the contracts/agreements sent to your credit union for Experian Precise ID ($750 setup fee, $1.34 per transaction).  Your credit union will also need to complete the agreements with Magic Wrigther for funding, an IRSC Account Executive will provide the necessary forms.  Your credit union will then schedule a meeting with an IRSC Account Executive to cover customization of your credit union MOP site.

Missed the webinar? Watch it here or on YouTube.