Membership Application Process (MAP)



We have redesigned the online membership application making it mobile friendly, and added new features to enhance the member experience. Custom brand your membership application with your credit union logo and site colors. Set eligibility requirements and attach informational PDFs. Create promotions to target specific segments of your community. Add testimonials to help sell your credit union.

As with the current membership application process, applications will be sent directly into CU*BASE to be completed by your team.

More information on Membership Application and Opening Processes (MAP & MOP) on the Automated Account/Membership Opening Tools kitchen recipe.  You cannot have a MOP site without first having a MAP site.

Getting Started with MAP

Your first MAP site is free!  Additional MAP sites can be configured for $100 setup fee, and $20/month.


Four Things to Configure

1. Branding

Configuring your MAP to be branded like your credit union is one of the first things the IRSC (Internet Retail Support Center) team will help you do. The IRSC team will need a high-resolution copy of your logo and then we will choose the colors for ten customized areas. (See left column)

2. Promotions

Whether you have a single set or multiple sets of promotions to display on your MAP site, you’ll need to have these prepared. These work off a predetermined template that can be edited to reflect your credit union’s personality. (Read more inside)

3. Configuring the Messages

Many areas of your MAP site will need to have your message configured. Items like “Need Help?” or the eligibility section will need your credit union’s guidance and personality added to make the MAP your own. (Read more inside)

4. Testimonials

Give your potential members the assurance that those in the credit union are more than satisfied by displaying member testimonials. (Read more on back page)

Getting Started with MAP