Members without a Checking Account – Generational Analysis

Members with active checking accounts are extremely valuable to the credit union. Checking Accounts increase service engagement, increase retention, and generate revenue. In this Generational Analysis, members without checking accounts will be analyzed by age groups, quantifying their current engagement with the Credit Union. Are these members savers, or borrowers? Dormant? Single service members? Analyzing and understanding your current relationship with these members provides insight into how to increase engagement and member retention.

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During the analysis CU*Northwest will take a generational approach in analyzing all members without a checking account. How do your older members, retirees without checking accounts, utilize the credit union? What products might they be more drawn to? How does this differ from Generation X members without checking accounts, how do they utilize the credit union?

Becoming your members primary financial institution is the gold standard, but for those who don’t utilize you as their PFI, understanding the role you do play and the value you do add is a second best. Understanding how these relationships vary by demographic will assist in building appropriate marketing campaigns geared towards engagement and retention.

What You will Receive

Once your analysis is complete, you will receive a personalized data briefing discussing our analytical findings, as well as an analysis summary report detailing our findings. Each defined generation will be analyzed quantifying current relationships and providing insight into engagement opportunities and marketing strategies. After your data briefing, you may select up to 5 member groups in which to target. Datasets will be created for you for easy integration into your marketing or data warehousing strategies. (Interested in learning more about data warehousing strategies? Ask us about our partnership with Xtend who can assist with campaign execution, through outbound marketing efforts such as emails, postcards, calls, and more!

Data Briefings can be a one-time engagement, or a scheduled recurring briefing at the frequency of your choosing.

How to Use this Analysis

This analysis includes CU*BASE files containing lists of members without checking accounts for each generation. The results of your analysis should be used to target specific product or service campaigns based upon the trends identified with your analysis report. Your data files will be structured for easy integration into your marketing strategy.


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