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For CU*Northwest, API development represents an important process to continually enhance our flexibility in providing data in a streamlined, secure manner. This is not only for the tools we develop, but provides a gateway to allow others to develop products that connect with and integrate into the CU*Northwest product suite. In addition to encouraging third party vendors to integrate these solutions via this API bridge to CU*BASE, it opens the door for brand new ideas and provides a catalyst to credit union do-it-yourself projects. In essence, it creates opportunities for new revenue streams by challenging each client to leverage the tools and actively seek out their own API initiatives.

Additional information

How to get started with APIs

CU*Northwest offers a streamlined, well-documented API development project strategy. First, you’ll want to visit our Getting Started with APIs page where you can read thru either a detailed step-by-step process. You may also visit the marketplace and order the Get Started with APIs product to review sample Agreements. Our team will reach out to you upon Online Store checkout.

Steps to completing an API project

  1. Visit the site to review current APIs, documentation, and sample agreements
    • If a you have a custom API development request, we will assist you to complete and submit
      a Special Project Request/Authorization form, and review applicable steps
  2. Execute the applicable agreements
    • Goal: deliver API test keys within 7-10 business days of order received
  3. Schedule a team kick-off call to review project details
  4. Order pre-scheduled API Testing Windows (optional)
    • An added layer of API testing with CU*Northwest experts
  5. Select and order Production API key sets
  6. Contact CU*Northwest to verify/schedule API deployment


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