Large Payoff Analysis

Early loan payoffs can occur for a variety of reasons. Poached loans, loan refinance, the sale of the asset, or simply an early payoff from cash reserves. We believe opportunity exists in each of these cases. Analyzing why the loan closed can assist in identifying aggressive competition, loan recapture opportunities, next suggested product insight, and more.

Additional information


During a Large Loan Payoff Analysis, our team will review 90 days of your closed loan records identifying large payoffs and early loan payoffs. These members will be analyzed providing insight into their level of engagement with the credit union, loan type / category, loan origination, as well as similarities that may exist within the member segment. Understanding what loans are being lost, loan tenure, and the trends within these members will provide insight into recapture opportunity, future prevention, or early identification.

What You will Receive

Once your analysis is complete, you will receive a personalized data briefing discussing our analytical findings, as well as a project summary report for your future reference. Opportunities will be clearly identified and classified into sub groups based upon trends within your dataset. Subgroups may include classifications such as active versus disengaged, borrowers versus savers, or demographic similarities such as age groups or SEGS. After the delivery of your analysis summary report, you may select up to 5 member groups in which to target. CU*BASE files will be created for you for easy integration into your marketing strategies. Ask us about our partnership with Xtend who can assist with campaign execution.

Data Briefings can be a one-time engagement, or a scheduled recurring briefing at the frequency of your choosing.

How to Use this Analysis

This analysis is intended to be used in two ways; education and execution. Understanding payoff trends, why loans are being paid off and where there are going is extremely valuable in your prevention and early identification strategies. Additionally, this analysis will provide insight into product and service opportunities internally such as pursuing the members’ next lending need, as well as identifying recapture opportunities.


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