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Do you have an in-house imaging system with hardware that’s getting old and tired? Are you getting a new server? Moving to a newer operating system? Migrating your existing eDOC imaging system to a new environment can be a complex process requiring specialized knowledge, with several steps and a lot of room for error.

No worries though! With this service we will migrate your existing system to your new hardware taking care of all the details so you can worry about your members, not technical gotcha’s!

Pricing is dependent on whether you are a Release Management subscriber. Not sure if you are? Contact Imaging Solutions.

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When you order the server migration service the Imaging Solutions team will reach out to you within 2 weeks and arrange for a discovery meeting. This is where we’ll dig in to understand your situation and goals. Based on what we learn we’ll provide a Statement of Work outlining all the details of the engagement. Those details typically include, but are not limited to, prerequisites required of you, the date and time the migration is to occur, what support you can expect after the migration and of course the scope of the work to be completed.

To get you started, here are some prerequisites to think about, but we’ll cover the complete list in our discovery meeting/Statement of Work.

  • The new server needs to be in place on the network with a temporary IP
  • We’ll need local admin credentials
  • We require remote access via Kaseya or a similar tool
  • Support is required from your IT team during the engagement

The Process

Prior to the cut over date:

  • We will install the code on the new server
  • Next, we copy existing data files to the new server
  • We back up your MySQL database and restore it on the new server
  • We verify the system is working properly

Cut Over

  • We arrange a cut over time with you and then migrate any data that was imported since we copied the data over to the new server pre-cutover
  • During non-business hours we swap the IP of the new server to the old server IP and testing occurs with a CU employee

Post Cut Over

  • We support our work for 60 days post migration

What’s Next

After ordering this product, the Imaging Solutions team will typically reach out to you within 2 weeks to discuss, discover and provide a Statement of Work. You can expect a 90-day lead time at minimum. However, that time could extend beyond that if many are engaged. For example, if a server OS is being sunset by Microsoft many folks may be scrambling to migrate to a new platform so plan ahead!


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