I Want to Partner with Lending 360

Additional $1.00/application

Create an integration between Lending 360 and CU*BASE to submit ready to book loan applications from Lending 360 to your loan queue.

Additional Agreements Required

This service requires CU*Northwest to deliver credit union member information to a third party, and will require a Master API Indemnification Agreement to be signed. Per your online order being received, a representative will forward this agreement to you.

Additional information


The integration with Lending 360 allows users to create all applications on the Lending 360 system and submit the loan to CU*BASE. The application is then ready to book based on the information being entered on Sync1 and submitted to CU*BASE. The once the loan is approved, create the loan account and disburse funds. The loans will all be attached to a delivery channel unique to Lending 360 to track the applications entered.

Schedule of Tasks

After signing on with CU Direct check out from the store to begin the integration process. CU*Northwest will configure the delivery channel for completed applications to be submitted. CU Direct will need to program any products to match what you currently offer in CU*BASE.

CU*Northwest estimates a 60 days from request to live date, this may vary with Lending 360.

How it Works

Once the integration is live, loan applications will be created in Lending 360 and exported to CU*BASE. Depending on the information entered on the Lending 360 application no additional maintenance should be done on the application once inside CU*BASE. The loan officer should only need to create the loan account, and finalize the loan documents and maintenance.

Technical Details

The applications will all come in attached to a unique delivery channel, this will allow you to easily identify which loans are coming from Lending 360.


Credit union needs an existing relationship with CU Direct and the Lending 360 platform.


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