I Want Members to Spend / Manage the Return of Your Loan Portfolio

This document and the following volumes are intended to give a credit union a complete road map to execute a marketing campaign. This road map will take the user from the very beginning point all the way through to the end of the process and the evaluation of the campaign. This design will contain all the steps necessary to create the campaign, the steps to follow through to the end using the referenced CU*BASE options to mine the data and track the sales success.

Additional information

You already have an existing credit card or open end loan with the member but have rarely, if ever, evaluated if the credit line should be increased. To maximize the investment in the soft pulls you perform on members, this campaign will focus you on a population of members whose credit scores are improving to the point they qualify for higher lines of credit. This campaign primarily benefits credit unions that regularly pull credit scores on members, and thus that have the most robust credit score history. When reviewing your latest soft pull scores what should you do if you see a member credit score increase from 680 to 725 and you have only given that member a $1,000 VISA limit based upon the 680 score? Their credit is improving, they are using the card, and their expectation is that you should increase their lines as all other card companies in their wallet have done. The following process is designed to present your credit union with opportunities to not only increase loan volume but also show your member that you are paying attention and rewarding them with additional credit. Let’s get started.

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