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Fannie Mae DU 3.2 – New Vendor

Save your loan officers the time of re-keying applications and import them directly to your CU*Base Loan Queue. This new functionality will allow the import of Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter (DU) 3.2 files that have been exported from a third-party Loan Origination System (LOS).

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If your vendor can export a 3.2 application file, it can be imported to your CU*BASE loan queue. These applications will no longer have to be manually entered twice, saving time and ensuring the application data matches what is brought in to CU*BASE. These applications will be assigned a unique delivery channel ID to easily identify with in your pending loan queue.

How it Works

Users will complete the mortgage application as usual using the mortgage software, once the application is complete export the 3.2 application file. The file will then be saved to a location on the user’s computer. To get the application to CU*BASE the user will log in to our Integration Manager website, browse for the application file, and use upload to send the application to CU*BASE.


Please have contact information available for the vendor you would like to partner with, a representative from CU*Northwest will reach out to them to discuss the ability for them to work with our integration process.


After placing your store order a team member will reach out within two business days for vendor contact information. Once we are able to confirm with the vendor that they are able to export files in the format required a follow up call will be made to discuss a more detailed timeline for the integration to be created. We will also discuss the configuration of the delivery channel based on the products you offer.


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