Fannie 3.2 Application Import – Calyx Point

Additional $3.00/application

Save your loan officers the time of re-keying applications and import them directly to your CU*Base Loan Queue. This new functionality will allow the import of Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter (DU) 3.2 files that have been exported from Calyx Point.

Additional information


Using the file export from Calyx, applications in the 3.2 format can be exported directly to the CU*BASE loan queue.

Schedule of Tasks

After signing up a member will reach out to discuss setting up the delivery channel based on the products you offer. Once the delivery channel is configured a Zoom meeting will be scheduled to go through a test import to train any staff on the import process.

How it Works

The applications are imported and attached to a corresponding CU*BASE product based on the term and if the application is for a 1st or 2nd mortgage. The import allows for all of the figures from the application to come over exactly how they were entered on the application.


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