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Experian Decision Model

CU*Northwest has partnered with Experian, a recognized consumer credit bureau leader in consumer and expert in credit risk management and modeling to bring an additional decision model to the network. Using data from thousands of both preforming and delinquent credit union loans, Experian has created three unique decision templates to suit the lending needs of your credit union.

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This model offers flexibility unmatched to what has been seen before. We know that member and non-members can be evaluated differently from an underwriting stand point – it makes sense as we have more details on members. We also know that various loan types are looked at differently – a credit card and a auto loan for example. That is the same way this tool work. Three templates are given which offer different scoring criteria to help you quick sort through applications.
The three templates are:

  1. Unsecured or Credit Cards
  2. Direct Member Automobile
  3. Indirect Member Automobile

The individual templates are great and will suit many credit union needs. But, in addition to that, you now could have the option to adjust the parameters within those templates. If you have a specialized need or attribute within your membership that is key to your underwriting, you may have the ability for the decision model to focus in on that. Lastly, if you choose, you can work with Experian to build your own custom decision model. You can have unlimited temples and attributes.

Are decisions pulled for every app?

You may choose each time and application is submitted if you want to run a decision model or not and you also may choose what delivery channels are set up to run the decision model. The system also looks at your configured retention setting to avoid pulling a new report and decision if there is already a current one on file.

How does it work?

You will partner with Experian to set up the template(s) of your choice and the potential customization. When an online app is submitted or when an employee requests a new credit report, CU*BASE calls out to Experian for a credit report, it is at time the decision model is run. Or if you are using another bureau, Experian will call out to that bureau and then run the application through the model. The application with credit report are returned to the credit union, where this decision indicated. The decisions of ‘pass’, ‘fail’ or ‘review’ will be visible in your lending queue (tool #2).

Do I have to configure the model?

Your input and views on lending will be necessary but you will partner with an Experian product expert and they will complete the set up for you. Depending on the strategy you choose, our team may assist with some configuration as well. Overall, minimal effort is needed on the part of the credit union. The whole idea is to give you a proven, sound decision model that was ready to hit the ground running.



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