Executive Operational Analysis



Hundreds of actionable, data driven insights are imbedded within your operational data. Are you leveraging the tools, resources, and strategies available to unleash the full potential of your data? During this consulting and educational engagement our Business Intelligence Analyst will review the operational trends within your credit union, analyzing portfolio performance, membership trends, product and service utilization, as well as identifying areas of opportunity to take action with your data and drive results.


After placing your order, you will be contacted by an Analyst to discuss the project and schedule your engagement. Over the next 3-5 weeks our analyst will analyze your operations, identify operational trends, and prepare a 15-20 page Operational Analysis detailing their findings and observations. This document will guide our engagement, identifying not only operational trends, but also the tools strategies, and tactics to continue to monitor operations, and education on how to take action on these findings and drive results.

Areas of Operations Typically Analyzed

  • Membership Growth and Composition
  • Loan Portfolio Analysis
  • Share Portfolio Analysis
  • Certificate Portfolio Analysis
  • Loan Application Pipeline
  • Analysis of Loan Delinquency
  • Non-Interest Income
  • Trending Interest/Dividend Accruals
  • Product and Service Penetration
  • Digital Channel Utilization
  • Internal Lending Opportunities
  • And much more!

After your Operational Review, enjoy up to 5 additional hours within 30 days of your engagement of customized education for you and your team, continued consulting, or use this time for the creation of marketing lists or custom analytical work supporting your team in any opportunities you decide to pursue. Get started today!

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