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Data Warehouse


additional $100/month and $10/GB per month

The Data Warehouse, available from Asterisk Intelligence, is offered as an option for credit unions looking to add external data alongside core processing data or to capitalize on opportunities for long-term storage of data sets from elsewhere in CU*BASE.

Perfect for a database manager or data analyst who wants more options and more control of data, the Data Warehouse offers a storage facility to consolidate or keep various data sets available to query and analyze against rich member and transactional data from the core. No hardware or additional software purchases required! The Data Warehouse shares the same system and database infrastructure in place for every credit union using CU*BASE today.

Additional information

Data Warehouse Overview (PDF)

Data Warehouse Webpage


The CU*BASE Data Warehouse is a storage solution for building or expanding a strategy for greater control and access to your data. It can complement an existing external data warehouse, or it can become your one-stop shop for storing multiple sources of data together to support your analysis efforts.

This Data Warehouse is entirely controlled and managed by you with tools and features to do the work built right in to CU*BASE. It is yours to define, to populate with data, and to control.

Once You Order

After submitting the order, you will be contacted by the Asterisk Intelligence team with resources, a few additional pieces of paperwork to complete, and an estimated time when your Data Warehouse will become available (typically 1 week). We’ll schedule a “Getting Started” kick-off call for your initial training on the toolset and from that point schedule in any additional training you may wish. We support every type of Data Warehouse user on tools and strategy from the earliest beginner to the most advanced.

Wondering what you’d put in a Data Warehouse?

Check out our informational page on the Data Warehouse product for a list of some data sets CUs want to put in their Data Warehouse. Ultimately, you will use a Data Warehouse for storing and managing data from two different sources – Internal (from elsewhere in CU*BASE), or External (from anywhere non-CU*BASE system or data files).

Several options are available or in development for sourcing internal data for your Data Warehouse. Here’s a few of those options to check out if you’re interested (separate sign-ups required):

  • Phone Optics, click tracking data on Phone Operator usage for non-transactional data analysis
  • (coming soon in 2019) – Archived Trackers, saving old trackers to the Data Warehouse rather than purging off the system

Contact the Asterisk Intelligence team at ai@cuanswers.com or 800-327-3478 ext 870 with any questions or concerns before placing your order.


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