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Data Exchange Custom Package

Plus $100/month

Custom Data Exchange Packages put you in control of your automated daily data feeds into your CU’s data warehouse! Are you looking to leverage your CU*BASE data within your own warehouse? Do you need daily data transfers to keep your database current? Leverage this Custom Data Exchange Package to customize your daily data feed and streamline your ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) workflow!

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Custom Data Exchange Packages allow you to pick and choose from dozens of CU*BASE files you want to receive on a daily basis. Whether you are looking to start small and only want a select few database files, or digging deep for those buried diamonds in your data, this custom package gives you the flexibility to design your data feed to meet your exact needs.

What’s Next

After placing your order, a member of the team will work with you to clarify your business objectives, product fit, clarify expectations, and ultimately craft your custom programming request. Typically, a first step will be to complete a Special Request/ Authorization form with a representative. This special project request form is the trigger to gather details necessary for us to begin the evaluation process. It is very important to provide as many details as possible; the more thoroughly we understand your request, what technical considerations it will entail and your business expectations, the more quickly your project can move through the channels.


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