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WordPress is a popular, state-of-the-art content management solution for websites. WordPress is easy enough to use yet extremely flexible and powerful. You can get started immediately with the basic features and included themes, then grow into the advanced features and realize WordPress’ full potential for your website. WordPress is based on the same software used to power high profile companies such as New York Times, Dow Jones, Reuters, Harvard, Rolling Stone and many more.

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Page & Menu Management

Pages constitute the largest portion of your online content. Easily rearrange pages in your site to control where they are with a simple drag-and-drop interface built into WordPress.


Posts are for date related or chronological content. With WordPress you can control when posts are published and categorize them to enable site features depending on your custom theme from CU*Answers Web Services.

Rotating Banners/Promotions

One of the best ways to keep a visitor is with a great narrative hook. Often in web design this hook has to be visual. Rotating banners or promotions are generally large graphics located in the top third of the website, drawing users into your site to find out more. In most cases, we set these banners/promotions to cycle, giving it the name Rotating Banners/Promotions.

With WordPress, CU*Answers Web Services configures your theme to make this rotating content completely manageable by the content administrator. This enables you to change these banners/promotions as often as necessary to match current marketing campaigns.

Gravity Forms

With the Gravity Forms plugin, you are able to build custom forms for your website. Unlike most form builders, Gravity Forms is intuitive and extremely easy to use.
Please note: For the safety of our clients and their members, we do not allow confidential information to be stored on our Shared Hosting environment. For this reason, do not prompt visitors for any personal or confidential information via Gravity Forms.
Gravity Forms is included with all CU*Answers Web Services WordPress installations.

Social Media

With WordPress you can engage your visitors via social media by adding your social media links to a custom menu area, allowing you to add/remove social media as needed.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the term for modifying your site to increase your search engine rankings. WordPress by default is SEO enabled and upon installation, CU*Answers Web Services professional enable the appropriate settings for SEO. SEO can be further enhanced for your website with some plugins, contact Web Services for pricing and more information.

Responsive Design

Having your site content available on any device is becoming increasingly important. With Responsive Design, CU*Answers Web Services provides a consistent experience across a wide range of devices, allowing your members to use your site however they choose. With Responsive Design, your site’s content will be customized for tablets, desktops, and cellular devices, appearing in an easy-to-consume format for each device. Responsive Design allows you to add, remove, or update content in one spot and have it available everywhere. All websites built by CU*Answers are now built using Responsive Design. Have questions about Responsive Design? Feel free to call or email Web Services.

Simple financial Calculators

Web Services offers simple financial calculators with our websites. These calculators provide basic functionality for your members to estimate monthly payments, interest, and number of payments. We are happy to implement financial calculators from other vendors for those who require a more robust solution.


Search is an important feature of your site. With WordPress search is built in and allows a visitor to scan you entire website for the desired content. CU*Answers Web Services takes this a step further and enables certain advanced search functionality on most sites.

Featured Rates

Part of your site is being a resource for your visitors. CU*Answers Web Services offers Featured Rates, a custom WordPress solution that places your rates in a prominent location on your site, allowing you to draw members farther into your site.

Satellite Rateboard

Web Services SiteControl Plugin has the Satellite Rateboard built right in. All you need to do is tell SiteControl where you want it and CU*BASE does the rest, automatically updating your rates when a change is made inside of CU*BASE (Updates take 1 day).

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