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Custom Analytical Request

Do you have a specific analytical project in mind which is not individually listed as a product offering in our store? Is there a specific member segment you would like to better understand or target? Or do you have a vision for a project but are struggling to get started? Begin your partnership with us today by ordering your own custom analytical request. After ordering your own custom analysis a member of the team will contact you to discuss the scope of your project, timelines, and any associated costs. Partner with the our team and turn your dreams into a reality!

Additional information


During a Custom Analytical Request, our team will take your project vision and turn it into reality! If you don’t know where to start, start here! After placing your order a member of the team will contact you and schedule a FREE project consulting engagement. During this call we will explore your project vision in detail and then start by consult on the existing tools and resources you already have access to which could be used to accomplish your project at no cost! Should our existing toolsets fall short of project expectations, we will continue the conversation by discussing custom approaches available, as well as the costs and timelines associated with a custom built solution.

What You will Receive

Each project is different, and unique to your needs. However, common project deliverables include, CU*BASE Queries and/or Database files, project reports and summaries, presentation to management, board members, or other stakeholders, and consulting engagements. Do you have other deliverables in mind? Just ask!

Project Timeline and Costs

The nature and scope of your project will dictate project timelines and costs. However the free initial project consulting call typically occurs within 5-7 business days from placing your order, during which full project timelines will be determined. Custom Projects are generally billed at time and materials.


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