CU*BASE Application Security Reviews


Custom Bid over 75 employees; Additional Annual Review pricing listed below.


Additional Annual Reviews
20 or fewer employees: $375
21-40 employees: $500
41-75 employees: $625
More than 75 employees: Custom Bid

One of the most painstaking tasks a security officer performs is the review of all employee access points to the CU*BASE platform. In many cases it is just an issue of finding the dedicated time to sit down and review every menu option each employee has been granted and adjust according to job description, risk, and segregation of duty.

AuditLink can help. Our team has performed reviews for credit unions for over five years and can help you systematically review, evaluate, and update your security with a constant theme of risk mitigation and employee efficiency. Depending upon the size of the credit union these sessions last between four and eight hours. No travel is required as reviews are completed via web conference.

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