CU*Answers Electronic Draft Processing

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$0.005 – $0.01/draft
$1.00 – $1.75/return
$50.00/monthly maintenance fee

CU*Answers has offered premier check processing services to credit unions since the early 1980s via its CU*Check application. Today, CU*Answers provides electronic check processing services to over 75 credit unions, processing over one million checks monthly.

The Success of CU*Check comes from the quality service provided through the Item Processing Support team. This dedicated group is trained to provide personalized responsive client service. They are available to assist with any issue that may arise, including difficult reconciliation and balancing issues.

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Benefits of Partnering with CU*Answers Check Processing

  • Elimination of third party vendor fees for accessing check images.
  • Returns and adjustments are transmitted daily, and eliminates Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) fees for processing returns
  • Duplicate item detect for checks processed during previous 30 days, minimizing frustrating errors.
  • Full integration with CU*BASE ensures all daily transmissions are received and posted to member accounts.
  • For non-CU*BASE clients, the interface to your present data processing provider is fully tested and certified, making the conversion processes to CU*Check a simple process.

Additional Benefits

  • Check copies are always free! Optionally, CU*Answers will manually pull and mail or fax check copies as requested.
  • CU*Answers absorbs normal FRB requirements.
  • Daily returns are processed and delivered to meet FRB requirements.
  • Automated return processing interface options are available to streamline daily check returns.
  • A variety of detailed CU*Check processing reports are included to facilitate daily balancing.
  • Unsurpassed client support is provided standard by the CU*Check team.
  • Check images are automatically linked to It’s Me 247 online banking, eliminating any custom programming requirements.
  • CU*Answers Electronic Check Processing pricing strategies are among the lowest in the industry, and provide greater value.
  • CU*Answers ensures a “single processing/support point” provided by its experienced CU*Check team.


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