Cross Sales Configuration/Tune-Up



The CU*BASE Cross Selling Tools are designed to lead your staff through a service discussion with each member, helping them meet member needs effectively while tracking responses and progress along the way.

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Schedule of Tasks

  • Our team will review existing cross sales strategies with credit union and coach the credit union on the cross sales tools within CU*BASE.
  • We will then configure a robust cross sales program and train the credit union on how to use the program to ensure their staff members are effectively tracking the results of their conversations with members.
  • Once configuration is complete, the team will coach the credit union on how to monitor the results of the program, and will coach the credit union through this process for the first 3 months after implementation.
  • Our team will provide a document that outlines the cross sales program and guides their staff through the cross sales process. This will become a guide for not only the individual team members to reference, but will also guide the credit union’s management team to understand the workflow of their overall cross sales routine as well as to track the effectiveness of its programs against defined goals.


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