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Credit Score Soft Pull with Full Details

Only available through Transunion

This is the ability to pull a soft credit score on demand for your members but it gives you the added ability to see the full credit report details just as you would if you were underwriting a loan. This is an excellent tool for portfolio reviews.

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Simply said, credit score soft pulls give you the most up-to-date credit score for your members. With current credit scores, you can more effectively target members who qualify for a better offer at your credit union, thereby increasing tour “loan steal” opportunities.

Current scores also help you offer a more competitive rate to people who might not have A or B credit, but who otherwise have acceptable risk. This will help you reach out to a pool of new loans at your credit union.

When Would I Use This?

  • Account opening
  • Portfolio Review
  • Recurring line of credit reviews

How It Works

We will reach out to TransUnion to get your credit union the information you need to start constructing the personalized Soft Pull feature you need. Once you send us the completed documents, we program and implement this feature for you.

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