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If you are like most credit unions, the last time you did a thorough review of how your products services and processing features are setup in CU*BASE was when you first converted to the CU*BASE platform. A Conversion2 will help you get the most out of what CU*BASE has to offer, ensuring you are processing consistently with what your disclosures and marketing say, and optimize your database.

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$2,500.00 – $10,000.00 based on complexity
Additional costs may apply for the next steps – not to exceed $1.00 per member.


This product is designed to complete a project as if you were just converting to CU*BASE. From a high level we will review the following:

  • Have a sales discussion so you can hear what the sales team is saying to new prospects. What are they talking about that you might not be utilizing?
  • Attend a 2-day presite meeting. This is where we will meet to discuss all your products and services and determine what is still being used, what is not and see if we can perform any consolidations. We will also talk with you about your business goals and strategies and identify areas where we can add efficiencies.

Once the presite meeting is over, the coordinator will bring back the details gathered and create a proposal. We will setup a follow up meeting to review the plan and determine the next steps.

Some possible next steps would be:

  • If consolidation of products/services is part of the plan. We will work on a conversion (data mapping) plan. This is a work in progress tool that will be updated throughout the project.
    • We will complete a couple test runs which will allow us to ensure the data mapping is being done as we expect. Reports will be provided for sign off.
    • Data Verification session will be held which will allow the credit union an opportunity to review accounts on the core today to what it will look like after the Conversion2 is implemented.
    • We will also discuss an implementation plan and timeline
  • Management Configuration sessions can be held to review all configurations in CU*BASE. This will allow the credit union to see how they are setup and ensure they are aligned with your disclosures.

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