Checking Accounts without Debit Cards

Debit cards have grown to become a commodity product assumed to be included with a checking product. However, a population of members exists which do not have debit cards tied to their checking accounts, ultimately increasing transaction processing costs, reducing engagement, and circumventing transaction interchange revenue. This analysis seeks to identify these members without an active debit card, quantify their current engagement with the credit union, and provide insight into how to best market towards this member segment.

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During the analysis our team will identify all members with checking accounts who do not have a debit card and provide insight into who these members are and how they utilize the credit union. The analysis will provide product and service penetration figures, aggregate balance data, delinquency, tenure, and much more. Market confidently and selectively with the aid of a team member.

What You will Receive

Once your analysis is complete, you will receive a personalized data briefing discussing our analytical findings, as well as an analysis summary report detailing our findings. Opportunities will be clearly identified and classified into sub groups based upon trends within your dataset. Subgroups may include classifications such as active versus disengaged, borrowers versus savers, or demographic similarities such as age groups or SEGS. After your data briefing, you may select up to 5 member groups in which to target. Datasets will be created for you for easy integration into your marketing or data warehousing strategies. (Interested in learning more about data warehousing strategies? Ask us about our partnership with Xtend who can assist with campaign execution, through outbound marketing efforts such as emails, postcards, calls, and more!

Data Briefings can be a one-time engagement, or a scheduled recurring briefing at the frequency of your choosing.

How to Use this Analysis

This analysis is intended to result in a member service engagement marketing campaign. The content of your analysis summary, coupled with the data files created for you will give you the information needed to create a data driven targeted marketing campaign to improve member engagement and fuel your bottom line!


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