Balancing Made Easy – Your Guide to General Ledger Processing

This booklet is designed to guide the accounting department through procedures CU*Answers recommends for reconciling all CU*BASE daily processing and interfaces.

Additional information


This booklet is designed primarily to be a checklist of daily tasks, not an exhaustive description of how every screen, field, and feature works. This is so that it can continue to be a helpful tool for checking off your daily tasks, and for instructing new staff on the day-to-day work that needs to be done. Online help and other reference booklets are also available should you wish to explore a particular feature in more depth.

How it Works

This booklet can be used by the accounting department to review daily tasks to ensure CU*BASE reconciles. The booklet can be downloaded as a PDF linked below. Additionally, if you add this to your cart in the link above, an email will be sent to you with the booklet attached.

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