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Automated CTR Uploads

Filing CTRs through the e-filing system can be redundant and time consuming. With the Automated CTR Uploads service, CU*Northwest can file the CTRs created on the system electronically! Just save the CTR and set it to “ready to transmit” in CU*BASE. CU*Northwest will batch it up with all the others and automatically send it to the Treasury.

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Once the Automated CTR Uploads service is activated at your credit union, a file containing the locked CTRs will be sent to the FinCEN website every day during end-of-day processing. If FinCEN has any problems with a CTR, they will send back a file with the errors, allowing you to correct them in CU*BASE.

How It Works

CU*Answers and FinCEN have developed a batch filing process that allows us to send CTRs on behalf of the credit union. Once the credit union is trained on the process, CU*Answers will turn the feature on. When the credit union has a CTR they need to file, they will simply review the CTR, lock it, and the CTR will be transmitted the next morning to FinCEN.

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