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ATM/Debit Card Purge

Price will be quoted if records need to be sent to your vendor

Looking to clean up your database?  You provide the parameters to our team and we can run the purge process to remove the cards from CU*BASE. Allows credit unions to initiate a request to remove hot or closed cards from CU*BASE.

If you would like to also remove your BIN numbers during your ATM/Debit Card Purge, please purchase an ATM/Debit Card BIN Cleanup.

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The ATM/Debit Card Purge allows you to initiate a request to remove hot or closed ATM/Debit Cards from CU*BASE. You will provide us with the information in the form listed. We will run the program based on the parameters listed and provide reports to the credit union for review. Once you approve the program will be ran live and your cards will be purged.


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