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Imagine this, the chairman of your Board of Directors asks you: “How do you feel the credit union has performed this year? Why do you feel that way, and what data can be used to reinforce or prove out your opinion?”

How well can you answer these questions? Are you armed with the information you need to not only state your opinion, but also to back it up with operational trends and quantified results which you can bet your job on?

During this engagement, our Analysts will review a year of operational results within your credit union and prepare a Key Performance Indicator Analysis detailing your credit union’s operational results. Together we will discuss the operational trends within your organization, helping you formulate your opinion on how the last year has gone, as well paving the way for you to identify priorities for the future. You know your credit union, you know your members and your stakeholders, we know your data; together let’s PROVE IT. Prove your grasp, prove your strategy, and prove your RESULTS.

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After placing your order you will be contacted by an Analyst to discuss your current priorities and areas of interest, as well as clarifying project lead times and fulfillment. Your consulting engagement will typically be scheduled 3-5 weeks after placing your store order. During this 2 hour engagement, you and our analyst will review your operational KPI’s, discuss identified areas of strengths and opportunities, as well as education on how to take action from your data, leverage your CU*BASE resources and how to monitor results.

Key Performance Indicators typically analyzed

  • Membership Growth and Turnover
  • Loan Portfolio Analysis
  • Share Portfolio Analysis
  • Certificate Portfolio Analysis
  • Loan Application Pipeline
  • Trending Interest/Dividend Accruals
  • Product and Service Penetration
  • Electronic Channel Utilization
  • And much more!

*Subscribing to Analytics Booth is a pre-requisite for this engagement.

This engagement is perfect for annual business planning and new executive orientation. The destination is limitless when you are driving with a map. Get started today!

Ask about pricing discounts for reoccurring engagements.

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