Analyze Your Members Based on Gender

Do you have many members whose gender is not identified in the MASTER file? Do you want to more effectively use analysis tools, such as Tool #752 Relationship Analysis? CU*NorthWest has developed the Gender Generator to effectively reduce the number of memberships without an appropriate gender associated with them with an estimated 75% accuracy rate or better!

Additional information


To develop this offering, we first collected over 11,000 male and female names into a central database. We designed tools to determine where there was cross-over between the lists (where a name could be a male or female name such as Pat or Sam) and noted that as well. Then we designed tools and reports to review a credit union’s current membership with a designation of MI (Individual) to determine which memberships did not have a gender associated with them.

By running a new analysis tool, CU*BASE is able to assign a gender to these members.

Next Steps

Once a request has been submitted, a Client Service and Education team member will follow up with you to discuss the process further.


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